A Primer For Picking Out A Diamond Engagement Ring


One of the big purchases a person can make is an engagement ring. It's not a small thing; even though the ring might be delicate and small. The process of selecting a ring and making that final decision and then buying it is something that should not be taken lightly. A diamond engagement ring is a huge investment and it should be considered as such. One of the most important aspects of selecting the diamond ring is to figure out what sort of things you are looking for.

16 October 2017

3 Tips That Can Help You Avoid Purchasing Counterfeit Jewelry


A serious risk that you can run into when attempting to buy jewelry is buying a counterfeit piece of jewelry, mostly because it can often be a bit difficult for the average person to distinguish a counterfeit piece from the real thing. However, there are a few tips that you can follow that can help you avoid purchasing counterfeit jewelry, such as the three listed below. Consider the Setting One of the first things that you should do when attempting to determine if an item is counterfeit or not is to consider the setting of the gemstone before purchasing the jewelry.

14 February 2017

Not Willing To Carry A Mortgage Payment On Your Finger? What Are Your Budget-Friendly Ring Options?


If you love the look and heft of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands but hate the thought of tying up a sizable chunk of your net worth in a piece of jewelry, you may be wondering whether you have any middle ground between a ring from a gumball machine or a high-end jewelry store. Fortunately, colored stones have been increasing in popularity for the past few years, providing more choices than ever before when it comes to budget-friendly stones in high-quality settings.

25 October 2016

Wedding Band Selection Tips For The Groom-To-Be


When it comes to jewelry selection, wedding rings are one of the most significant choices you'll make. With so many options out there, it's tough to narrow down your choices. If you're looking at men's wedding bands, there are many metals, styles and designs to think about. Not only do you want to consider how the ring will look, but you'll also need to think about how the style of the ring fits your lifestyle.

22 August 2016

5 Ways To Wear Native American Jewelry While Being Aware Of Cultural Appropriation


Cultural appropriation happens when the intellectual property, traditional knowledge, cultural expressions or artifacts are taken from one culture by another culture without permission. In modern America, it is a major concern among many feminist and minority groups, especially with African American music and dance and Native American fashion and jewelry. However, it is possible to purchase and wear Native American jewelry without participating in cultural appropriation. By following these tips you can wear your favorite Native American pieces while practicing cultural appreciation instead of appropriation.

13 July 2016

4 Ideal Wearable Gifts for High School Graduates


Graduating high school is a big achievement for many students and one of the final steps into full adulthood. To help celebrate the occasion, there are a number of special gifts that you can give for the graduate in your life. Instead of giving them a gift that can just be set aside, you can give a gift that is worn and used frequently. The following four graduation gift ideas can all be worn by high school graduates.

5 May 2016

Should You Sell Your Engagement Ring And Wedding Band After Your Divorce?


At one time in your life, your engagement ring and wedding ring were symbols of your love and devotion to your spouse. But now that you're divorced, they're nothing more than physical pieces of jewelry -- and perhaps reminders of the bitterness that ensued towards the end of your relationship. Should you sell your engagement ring and wedding band? Here are some tips to help you decide, as well as a few guidelines to follow if you do decide to sell.

29 April 2016