Choosing A Diamond Wedding Ring? 3 Tips To Pick The Right Piece


The right wedding ring can be a symbol of your love for years, while the wrong piece could fall flat when it comes time to propose. Fortunately, by thinking carefully about who you plan to give the ring to, you can select a piece they will love for a lifetime. Here are three tips to select the right piece.  1. Consider Your Lifestyle You wouldn't buy a simple ring for someone who loves glamour, which is the same reason you should think twice before buying something crazy ornate for someone who has an active, busy lifestyle.

24 October 2019

What To Do When You Inherit Jewelry


When a loved one dies, they usually leave behind many material goods. On such an occasion, you may find that you've inherited clothes, jewelry, and other items. If you're not sure what to do with the jewelry you've inherited, this list can help you through the next steps: 1. Decide if you want to keep the jewelry. Many people feel the need to keep jewelry that they've inherited out of a sense of obligation.

26 August 2019

How To Match Wedding Jewelry With 6 Dress Styles


The right bridal jewelry set highlights both the wearer and the dress. So, to find the perfect match, the bride should take into consideration the style of the dress and how it can be complemented the best.  Here are a few great jewelry options for six of the most common styles of dress neckline and bodice.  Asymmetrical Dress. An asymmetrical neckline goes over one shoulder but is lower on the other.

3 July 2019

Caring For Your Nose Piercing: 5 Tips For Newbies


You always wanted a nose piercing. You liked the way they added an element of unique glamour to others' faces, and you wanted to embrace that same look yourself. But now that you have the piercing, you realize you have a few questions — namely, how do you keep such a piercing healthy and clean? The following tips will come in abundantly handy as you adapt to your piercing. 1. Only buy high-quality jewelry.

6 May 2019

Need A Loan For An Engagement Ring? Tips To Help You Get Financed


The money for an engagement ring may take a while for you to come up with. If you're looking to get engaged and don't wait months until you can save for the perfect ring, you can get a jewelry loan instead. A lot of jewelry stores offer their own financing and can get you your ring faster. You can make payments on the ring with reasonable payments that you can afford.

25 March 2019

Are You Buying A Special Piece Of Jewelry?


Does your sweetheart have a birthday coming up soon? Maybe you are celebrating a special anniversary. Whatever the occasion, if you are looking for a special piece of jewelry to commemorate the occasion, from looking for antique jewelry to repairing antique jewelry that is already in the family, here are some ideas that might help you to plan the perfect gift. Buying An Antique Piece Of Jewelry - Does the woman in your life love classic jewelry?

9 January 2019

3 Helpful Steps To Take When Purchasing Gold Jewelry


If you're looking to buy gold jewelry, it's important to not take this transaction lightly. To come out on the winning side, you'll want to take these calculated steps when purchasing any gold jewelry piece.  Research Prices Beforehand  A jewelry seller offering a certain price for a gold piece doesn't make it a fair deal. After all, they're in the business of making money — maximizing their profits as much as they can.

5 October 2018